5/8 is not a magic number







4 thoughts on “5/8 is not a magic number

  1. Have you tried removing 5/8 from the front, at the shoulder seam, and adding the 5/8 to the back shoulder seam. Do the same on the sleeve – remove 5/8 from the front side of the sleeve and add 5/8 to the back of the sleeve. HTH
    We’ve had 5 in of rain since Sat night at 6!!

    1. I thought Pam included that in her pattern. The back is clearly higher than the front. So no, I didn’t think to try it. Feel like I had a blonde moment. 5 inches of rain! DH has been watering like crazy. Our house is on a slight hill that is very sandy. If he isnt diligent, we’d lose all our plants.

  2. I love the print on this knit, very pretty on you. If you are having to pull down your bra and/or your straps keep falling off your shoulders, it means your band is too big (and probably your cups are too small). I had this same problem. I am fairly flat-chested and almost always wear a padded, push-up type bra. Even though I am so flat, I went down one band size and up two(!) cup sizes from what I was wearing and the fit is much better, no more fiddling with my bra all day. Of course, you also have to try different brands. The best for me are Maidenform and Fruit of the Loom…..

    1. Thanks Angela. I have to admit, the fabric is more attractive sewn into a garment then either on the web or fresh out of the mailed box. As for the bra.. mine only last about a year, sometimes just six months. My laundering habits are to blame and this one is definitely past its prime.

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