…and on a personal note…

Little less than a year ago an old health challenge seemed to kick up.  It took almost a year to fully reveal itself not as my old challenge but a a precancerous lesion on my vu|va.  I had surgery about a week ago and am convalescing. I am improving everyday.  Best of all, the removed tissue was examined and determined to be “benign”.

But I haven’t been sewing. The trek downstairs to my sewing room seems to put stress on the stitches. So I don’t make the trip.  I’ve been doing some retail therapy and I’ve fired up my knitting machine (which resides in the living room).

Thank you for all the kind thoughts.  It amazes me at how we use the Internet to connect with others. We feel very close to someone who really is a stranger. Would we know each other if we passed on the street? Probably not, but that doesn’t stop us from caring about a person we know only though their Internet presence.  Thank you for caring about me.





9 thoughts on “…and on a personal note…

  1. Missed your posts; thought you were busy gardening or something….. So sorry to hear you had a health issue but thank God it was benign. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Gosh, I only discovered your blog tonight and here I learn (a bit late) that you had this surgery. So glad things are looking good for you. Take your time and be good to yourself while you heal. Maybe you can do some thumbnail sketches of potential sewing projects, or do some hand-stitching, in addition to the knitting machine fun and retail therapy. You are such a bright spot on the forum – I always enjoy your posts. Will pray for good things and smooth sailing for you. Lynn / aka L.M.

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