Planning My 6 Packs

During the the first 3 6-PACs (9 months) I fit pants. After that, I spent several years making four 6-PACs every year,  choosing a neutral and an accent color to create a new 6PAC.  Somewhere along the line I realized that I create the same basic wardrobe over and over again. My accents changed but my neutrals remain markedly similar.  For instance I choose black or charcoal or grey. Really, all shades/tints of black.  Or maybe I decide to do blue which could be navy blue, light navy or even light blue but always a blue hue. My 3rd repeating neutral is brown. Brown with shifts into caramel or cafe au lait (heavy on the au lait).    I find that I like having all these 3 colors in my closet. With 3 basic color schemes to work with, I never tire of my clothes. I never realize I’m wearing some type of uniform. However I do need distinctly different fabric weights for the 3 seasons: summer, winter and transition (aka spring or fall).

My uniform is comprised of

  • 3rd layers
    • winter: coat, jacket, heavy sweater
    • summer: long-sleeve blouse, light jacket or wrap
  • Blouses
    • winter: long or 3/4 sleeve
    • summer: sleeveless, cap sleeve or quarter sleeve
  • Knit tops
    • winter: sweater, ponte or other heavy knit and
    • summer: tank top or sleeveless
  • dress slacks
  • jeans/casual slacks
  • Seasonal items
    • winter: vests
    • summer: shorts and dresses
    • tranisition  3/4 and quarter sleeve tops

When I’m planning,  I tend to leave out tops. For me they are  pops of color and accent pieces.  Additionally my focus right now is the summer season. What I’m really planning to sew, right now,  will be

  • 3rd layer:  long-sleeve blouse, light jacket or wrap
  • Blouse: sleeveless, cap sleeve or quarter sleeve
  • Knit : tank top or sleeveless
  • dress slacks
  • jeans or casual slacks
  • Short, shorts and perhaps a new summer dress.

But I cheat. I always tell everyone I cheat. Truth is the 6PAC is intended as a “wardrobe building” effort. It create a colloection of clothes that are appropriate for all  current and anticipated activities. Wardrobe building is not really the place for trendy or disposable garments (which do have a place in life). As part of the her original planning, ejvc anticipated reaching a point of having the wardrobe “built”; extant and at the fingertips. Participate year round and complete all 6 garments each time, in a years time there will be  a decent if small wardrobe in the closet.  But here’s the rub “no kingdom lasts forever” and clothes don’t last long all. If sewing stops after that first annual  cycle, you will again be naked in about 9 months. OK maybe a little longer. For me, I spend the first few days after ejvc has announced the new seasonal 6PAC and evaluate my existing wardrobe.  I pull out the stuff that doesn’t fit, looks like crap or I just don’t like for whatever reason. Then instead of sewing a whole new 6PAC, I sew replacement pieces. That’s my cheat. Some seasons I’ve only needed to sew a piece or two, usually it is several that need to be sewn. But that’s how I am able to be one the first done with my 6PAC. I cheat. I never start from scratch. From zero. With nothing. I use existing pieces on which to base my sewing plan for upcoming season of activities.



Hmmm enough for one post. Next post, I’ll share the evaluation of my current summer clothing.