Evaluating for Summer 2015

A few weeks ago, I opened the closet doors and cleared out the heaviest warmest clothes.  Into storage went woolen coats, thick sweaters and anything corduroy. Anything that said “deep winter” went into hibernation. Transition and lightweight clothing now pack my closet from end-to-end and around the corner.

Obviously, I needed a clean out. First I discarded clothing that should have been discarded at the end of last summer. Clothing that was worn or never worn. Clothing that had pilled,  stained, etc. All gone. Then I tried on the pants (excluding shorts) and making  back and front view pics. I knew I had replaced most of my winter slacks at the beginning of winter, so I was not surprised when  that most summer pants also needed to go. I decided against waiting. I cleared them out immediately. All gone.  Leaving me with about 4 pairs of summer weight, long-legged pants. I pressed and hung blouses, tops and 3rd layers.  I didn’t try on these or take pics. I can usually tell how tops fit me just by trying them on. But pants can feel OK while looking horrendous.  It’s the picture that tells me whether pants fit — or not. So blouses, no try on; no pic. Pants (of any length) try on with multiple pics.

Next I tried on shorts. I started with 9 pairs. Pretty good supply for an area where summer gets so hot you want to sit naked in front of the air conditioner. (Yeah even in snow-country SD. Fortunately only for about 2 weeks most years.)  Of the 9 pairs, I felt comfortable starting the season with 4 and I plan to replace 3 of those soon.  Then I sorted through blouses and wraps for 3rd layers  and pulled out 3 that were pretty plain. Next I sorted pants, shorts and 3rd layers by basic color (blue/black/brown) and created a ppt to show me what I had.

OMG what has happened to my summer clothes?

Let me back up a sec. Even though a summer wardrobe needs to include tops, I focus on having in my closet

  • 3rd layer
  • dress slacks
  • jeans
  • shorts

in each of my basic colors (black/blue/brown).  I have a variety of tops that work with these basic pieces to get me clothed and about my day. I find the entire coordinated 6PAC most valuable for my somewhat  limited travel.  For every day having a pant with coordinating 3rd layer + any blouse in the closet and I’m good to go. The caveat is that I do need dress and casual pieces. Hence dress slacks listed above.




Admittedly, I haven’t included any tops (blouses/knits). Even taking that into account,  my summer wardrobe is a bit sparse.  OTOH, It clearly tells me what I need to be sewing:

BROWN: shorts

BLACK: jeans

BLUE: dress slacks

Hey, I can get dressed in each of my basic colors if I make just 3 new garments.

However, before mid-summer I’ll be unhappy. For example the top stitching is popping/breaking on my blue jeans. Fine for beach combing but I want something a little better when going to the church picnic.  In fact most of the garments above, are on their last season.  While 2 garments will get me started for summer, I’ll plan to  sew something else then come back and sew a replacement for the garments above.

Good to go?  Not quite, I still need to evaluate tops and color schemes. Which means, another post coming!