The Accent Pieces

Once I had the light weight pants, shorts and plain 3rd layers sorted, it was time to turn my attention to the accent pieces: sleeveless, short-sleeved and long sleeve tops. Yes, long sleeve tops, because despite the high summer temperatures I will experience cold. The mountainous regions I visit are famous for getting quite chilly when the sun goes down (as does the high desert).  Doctors offices and the grocery store freezer sections are notoriously cold. Also, I need protection from the sun.  I do not tan. I burn peel and freckle.  Since I was 16 I’ve made the effort to protect my skin with clothing as well as the highest SPF on the market.  I need long sleeves in the summer. So for each Summer Collection I want

  • Tank or sleeveless top
  • Quarter or 3/4 sleeved top
  • Long sleeve
  • Optional:  Dress

I form my collections by the Long Sleeved Top because that is the garment which probably will go over (on top) of the sleeveless. It becomes my 3rd layer.  Sometimes I will use a 3/4 sleeved top as my 3rd layer. To sort collections, I pull out a possible Third Layer and see “what goes with”.  The first I had my hands on was a recently sewn tunic that works beautifully with my browns.  As I looked through my other tops, I found a tank in an orange geometric print, a half-sleeve  3/4 sleeve knit tops. On summer collection done:

Well, almost done.  I need the brown shorts. Also While I’m counting the tunic a 3rd layer, I’m more likely to wear the neutral cream-colored, waterfall top. I don’t like pulling things off and on over my head.  It’s fine to put the tunic on over the tank in the evening when I will wear it for several hours. But for running into the grocery store or sitting a few minutes in the doctor’s office and then being out in the sun again, well I prefer an open front.

As I looked at the Brown Orange Summer Collection, I realized I could swap the tunic for an orange/blue strip blouse; add a few more royal pieces and change the brown bottoms for blue to create a new Summer Collection the Orange Royal

OK, again I’m missing a piece, the dress slacks for the doctor’s office; and before summer’s end I want to replace all the pants and shorts in the blue basic collection. Once I have the dress slacks this summer collection is good to go. For several days I mean.  The Brown Orange collection would be fine for an overnight trip, which I make frequently. But for more than 2 days, I would want an expanded collection and would consider the Royal Orange Summer Collection.

Another great collection which emerged is the Royal, Red and Yellow:

I hesitated in adding royal touches to my the red tops in this collection. Hesitated again when adding the red touches to the royal tank top. But now I think red +royal is a winner I should repeat.  This collection gives me 4 day-time tops and 4 third-layers.  I’m not sure if you can see the stripes in the yellow long sleeve blouse. It is predominantly yellow but has thin red and royal strips. Both this blouse and the flowery long sleeve, really tie the collection together.


Mmmm I have more collections but that is enough for today.