Accents Too

Continuing from yesterday …

I found I had created several Royal Black pieces. So add these pieces, with the solid black and solid royal pieces; plus the black bottoms and I have another great Summer Collection:

I’d take this along for a 2-night trip. Maybe wouldn’t even pack all the 3rd layers.

As I identified collections, I hung them in the closet together. That action winnowed the remaining selection making it easier for me to see the next, biggest and possibly favorite to sew collection Black Pink:

If I added another bottom or two, possibly a skirt, I could travel the world with this collection. I might even leave a few pieces home!

I had a few more black/pink pieces which I removed from the collection. Actually I removed a few pieces from each of the collections. I only expect the top to work with each of the 3rd layers and the bottoms. The tops do not need to work with the other tops. But when looked at as a collection, it was clear some pieces just didn’t fit the collection. That being true with the next collection, I decided to keep all and call it the Odd Blues Summer Collection

Each top looks good under the long-sleeved blouse and with the bottoms. (Colors are slightly off. Digital Camera -> digital editing -> uploading -> downloading collectively and individually  take their toll on photos. I’ve even seen a demo in which the original was simply uploaded multiple times. At which point, it was unrecognizable.)

But back to collections, Yes I have more.  I don’t want to brag. I want to encourage any of you who feel you’ll never be able to sew enough to have a decent wardrobe.   I started with the first announced 6PAC. Think that was 7-8 years ago.  The first 3 seasons, I didn’t complete a single piece. I worked on fitting pants. After that, I worked each quarter on making a cohesive wardrobe.  My epiphany was realizing I made, want, need  3 collections all year round. One in browns. One in blues and the last in black.  With that, my wardrobe just took off.  It looks nothing like what I wore when working but it meets all my current needs, all year round. I unashamedly start each new season by looking at what I have already sewn that works for the up-coming season and build on that.

I like the black and pink but I love pink with brown. I’m surprised my Pink Caramel collection is so small:

Possibly I wear the heck out of these pieces and they don’t last as long as the black/pink collection.

Then again, I love and look really good in peachy pinks or corals and tend to collect them in various combinations like this PinkYellow&Lilac set

which looks best with the basic blues.


…and I’ve posted too much for one day.  I’m so bad at that. Let’s finish this up tomorrow.




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  1. I’ve enjoyed going through your 6PAC posts. Now I need to follow your lead and go through my clothes.

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