Collection Thoughts

Finally I was left with a large group that didn’t really look well in any collection. They were OK in places. But why settle for OK,  when you can create great?

I titled them Orphans but it’s not as if they don’t work with any of the clothes in my closet. Each looks good in one of the basic collections with the 3rd layer in the basic blue, brown or black collection just not in one of the previous collection by accent color. Several were sewn for transition (spring and fall) or winter and could be hibernating (in winter storage) or set in the depths of the closet waiting for when (all too soon) autumn will begin. Truth is I’m at home most of the time and collections are at their best when traveling. So most days collections are not an issue. I will wear a top with a coordinating bottom. During parts of the summer, like rain storms, I will throw on a 3rd layer.

In the end, as long as these garments are in good condition, I will find ways to wear them.   And there’s the rub for all the tops, not just the orphans:  Are they and how long will they be in good condition. Many pastels and white (especially) often don’t survive the season.  The rest  last about 3 years. It’s rare that these tops last more.  Partly it’s my laundry habits. Clothes worn close to the body get worn once and then washed. Rayons are horrible for continuing to shrink and rarely last into the next season. Cotton fades or turn grey in the laundry. Knits pill. Some knits pill more than others, but they all pill.  Point is, all the garments are at least 1 season old. Most are 2. A few are 3. None is more than 3 years.  While I start the summer with these wonderful collections, if I don’t plan and sew replacements, I won’t be using the “collection” at the end of the summer.

There is one other catch.  I have not tried-on most of the tops  and I know that I’ve gained weight and changed shape. Interestingly enough, I’m sewing the same size. I need a deeper slope to the shoulders and more length over the front. That’s the two issues, I’ve solved. I have other unsolved issues. When I do, nearly all the tops regardless of sleeve length will, happily, be replaced.

The plan at the moment?

  1. Fill out my 6 packs with the missing bottoms
    1. Brown: shorts
    2. Blue: dress slacks
    3. Black: jeans
  2. Continue to work with Connie Crawford’s patterns to make basic
    1. Blouses
    2. Tank/sleeveless tops
    3. Knit Tops
  3. When 2 is done, consider new accent collections such as
    1. yellow and brown
    2. blue and orange
  4. Evaluate existing clothing and replace to keep the Accent Collection in place but maybe not so large (thinking of the Black/Pink)