Connie Crawford Knit Top

My new Knit Bodice sloper.  Read the full post here.


3 thoughts on “Connie Crawford Knit Top

  1. Just my 2cents worth. I ‘think’ you need to fit with sleeves in, same as you fit pants with WB on. I’m also wondering if you’ve tried LC’s method of adding to the back should seam and removing the same amount from the front – then move the center point of your top sleeve the same amount removing from the front and giving the back more room. “Sometimes” that works for me – other times not. What I’m seeing isn’t the top too tight over the hips – it’s pulling up like mine do when I need a FBA. Since you don’t need one I think you need to try adding more to the back shoulder as that is taking from the front and hiking it up. The other adjustment that I’ve had exceptional luck with is from Robin Demming – while mine is for a FBA – it’s something to consider. I added 5/8 in to the side seams on the front only and added the same 5/8 to the front seam only on the sleeve. It helped the FBA and BTA (big tummy adjustment!!) I do better adding a back seam and making my rounded back adjustment there. I’ve done it for so many years a back seam doesn’t bother me. AND, in a print knit it’s barely visable. In fact – I have an extremely well fitting T now, thanks to Robin.

    1. Haven’t done that yet because the armscye on this pattern is longer than the front armscye. Glad you dont think it’s too tight over the hip. The hip feels ok to me but I keep getting those diagonals pointing to the hip. I have been thinking about adding the center back seam to reduce because some ease out of the mid-back. Tried a sway back adjustment but that didn’t help, So removing ease seemed like the next step but it’s hard to remove ease at the waist only on the back side seams. Being able to take some of the ease from center back might help.

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