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4 thoughts on “B5215

  1. I tend to think it’s the fabric. When trying on something that seems to stick/cling to my pants/short I remove them and see what it does just with my “slick” nylon underwear. Sometimes, that tells the story–gliding over the “slickness” and not the pant fabric. If I want to continue with the top, I just try to remember that I have to keep “pulling it down into place if I want to keep it smooth over my pants. One can have a love/hate relationship with knits, but my love outweighs my hate.

  2. Since your woven sloper fits well through the shoulder, why not use it as a base and re-design it for a knit? If it were me, I’d fold out a vertical 1/4″ tuck all the way down the front and back pieces (mid shoulder to hem), cut them out of a relatively stable knit, and baste the seams to test fit. You could fine tune the fit to your taste. (You may need to take the shoulder seams up a bit more to accommodate the knit stretch.)

    1. I wanted to do that but was afraid it wouldn’t work because of the differences between knits and wovens. Thanks for your directions. I need them.

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