I painted shoes again. I started with a tan pair which I love but never wear and a white canvas which I got dirty in only a few wearings.

I had the bright idea to cover the soles with masking tape so I wouldn’t accidentally paint the soles.  I mixed up my paint colors because I don’t use color as it comes in the Jacquard bottle and got to work with my fan brush. Using the masking tape allowed me to paint freely. But I’ve used masking tape for other projects and was concerned about possible, um, side effects.  I wanted to be sure I could correct unexpected issues. When you mix colors, there is no guarantee that you can mix them exactly the same the next time. When you need the exact same color, the best choice is keeping the paint for possible use. How do you keep acrylic paint, famed for its fast drying time, from drying overnight?  I texted my sister who is something of an artist and followed her recommendation:

I spritzed the paint with water, put the whole pallet (a recycled bit of plastic) into a large zip lock bag along with a wet rag. Worked perfectly!

The masking tape did it’s job too. Unfortunately, little bits of the Jacquard paint peeled off with the masking tape…

… justifying my keeping the paint usable.  I touched up where needed. Let dry another 24 hours. Then added a coat of floor polish for sealer.

The brown canvas shoes:

are the better of the two. I did have issues avoiding the white elastic inserts. But the worst problem is they are now too small.  No one warned me that shoes might shrink when you paint them!

I ended up with small smudges of paint where I didn’t want any. But these are at least wearable and more likely to be worn now that they are blue.

I count the exercise a success.  I learned something new (how to preserve acrylic paints) and I enjoy doing this sort of thing. Plus I feel fearless. I can buy any color shoe as long as it fits and make it the color I want.  Just got to be careful about shrinkage.



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