2015 GOALS: Mid Year Review

It’s now mid-2015 and time to review and think about those lofty Goals Published at the beginning of the year.

  • Sheers
    • Most months I am at least thinking about sheers.  I’ve saved a number of inspirational garment pics of sheers or could make use of sheers.
    • I added a  Calendar Reminder. It pops up once a month reminding me to “think” about a sheers project
    •  I created a new  blog in 2014  devoted to  Sheers . Thus far I’ve finished and posted 5 new Sheers Projects for 2015.
  • Redecorate Sewing and Stash Room
    • I rearranged the large clothing closet which I use mostly to hang ironing, mending, planning and  in process projects as well as UFO’s just before their final disposition  (aka trash, donate or finish.)
      • Created Plastic Bag Storage
      • Sorted, discarded, donated and relocated most of the full boxes that were residing in this closet
    • Replace Accessories
      • Curtains
        • Stitched and hung embroidered window curtain above serger
        • Stitched but NOT hung plain coordinating curtain for the large clothing closet.
      • Cutting-Table Tool-Board
        • No real progress although I have given thought.
        • I’ve identified the hangers I want to use but not purchased. They aren’t cheap. I want to be sure of my selection before forking out my $$$.
    • Utility Closet.
    • Ribbon and trim storage
      • Purchased new containers
        • 3 for larger rolled trims/elastic
        • 5 that just fit the rolls of ribbon.
        •  Rolls and trim are sorted by color
        • Boxes still need to be labeled
    • Established a “Book Box”
      • I have a number of books I refer to  infrequently. I’m reviewing this books and determining dispostion.
      • The box contains books I want to replace with electronic copies.
      • Eventually, I’d like the majority of my books to be ebooks. The number of books I plan to replace will be expensive  even at $10-15 per book.
  • Experimenting with embellishment techniques
    • Have painted shoes and blogged  here .
      •  I feel confident in buying any color of shoes and painting them the color I desire.
    • Purchased 4 feet for my Ruby that need to be used
  • Refit all Loes Hinse Patterns
    • Made several attempts but do not have all the fitting solutions identified.
  • Learn to Draft Patterns
    • Complete frustration had me attempting to Draft a top pattern with the expected end result: a pattern that still needed to be fit. What’s the point of drafting patterns, thinking through all those decisions and not having a pattern that fits?
    • Hoping for an alternative solution, I attempted draping at the end of March.  I stopped when I realized I was recreated my much-loved Louise Cutting Hearts A Flutter sleeveless top.  I see no need to trash several pieces of fabric to create a pattern I already have. Oh BTW, my draped pattern still doesn’t fit.
    • Purchased and read Create the Perfect Fit. The procedure does have promise.  I’ve not followed through because I don’t have a fitting partner. Yes I can press DH into service. But he doesn’t fully understand what and where to measure.
    • Just finished  Craftsy Course “Plus Size Pant Fitting”.  Have not had time to test the suggestions. While not a draft from scratch procedure, there is lots of couture fitting which is transferred to the tissue.  I kind of feel like this is fitting but also feel like it is drafting/creating a pattern.
    • Just purchased  Pattern Making + Design: The Pants Sloper. Have not started it at all and won’t until I have a chance to work with the suggestions in Plus Size Pant Fitting
  • Create my own SWEATER KNIT YARDAGE
    • During my convalescing, I knit several swatches and have made plans. Once no longer confined to a chair upstairs, my knitting ceased. Note to self: Plan some time.
    • Added reminder on Calendar.

I’m not unhappy with my progress.  But I realize I’ve been happily sewing without paying attention to my goals. In the second half of this year, I will change that.


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