Summer/Fall Collection

I was hunting more muslin fabric for fitting the Ascona and found 2 pieces that could be sacrificed. They are sister fabrics i.e. purchased at the same time, same place with the same fiber content and weave but different colors. They are rayon/linen blends that drape nicely and, as Pam of Pamela’s Patterns recommends, this fabric is a perennial favorite for spring and summer RTW pants. IOW the RTW industry considers them to be pant fabrics. But they are odd colors. OK maybe not odd, but unusual colors for me. Not  true blue, but blue with a dash of yellow but a long ways from green.  One  was then darkened and toned with black.  The other is the same hue not toned but  lightened to the point of being almost white.  They work together well. With my other colors? They seem a bit drab. Not me.  I thought they’d be fine for muslines except two things happened. One, the vast majority of reader feedback said to give up on the Ascona; and (2) my left brain got creative. Yep my left brain loved the two colors together and started designing.  I added a 2nd color, I’m calling ginger.  It’s the color of fresh cut ginger; a warm brown that looks good with my skin and great with these aqua-blues.

I’m starting a new clothing collection that will work well for later summer and early autumn.High summer garments are shorts, tank tops and the occasional sun-defeating wrap (or cold defeating when in the freezer section at the grocery store).   This collection will be suitable when the temps start to cool-(back into the comfortable range),but do not become cold. Sometimes the temps are pretty cool in the fall mornings. For this type weather I will be making and wearing,   long pants, short sleeves tops and long-sleeve blouses. I don’t want to spend a lot of time fitting. I will be using TNT’s or near TNT patterns.  That means I will have time for embelishments.

First up, my TNT trouser pattern PP113:



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