New Toy Alert: Curve Runner

When I need to measure curves, I’ve been using the FlexRuler.  But when I saw the Curve Runner, I knew I needed it. The first chance I got was measuring the curve along a hem. I placed the 0 mark at the edge of my pattern piece

and slowly rolled forward.  My pattern piece was more than 8″ long, so I started counting and continued rolling until the ruller met the other edge of the pattern:

I don’t have any problem with math. I could have just added 5 +8 instead of counting.  Either way, I’ve noticed that if I measure something once, I will want that measurement again. So I wrote 13 down on that edge:

The Curve Runner has a permanent home along side my rotary cutters:

It was so much easier to use than the Flex Ruler and we not even going to talk about trying to stand a measuring tape along the edge. It’s well worth my $20.

Now that I’ve used it, I think the larger ruler would have been better for me.  If you happen to want your own go here.