Sheer Fabrics MileStone

A goal for two years running has been “Sew those sheers”.  I had to put a tickler on the calendar to even think about sheers. In the past I would pick up a sheer and then decide not to use it because “it would be so hard”.  Like several of my previous goals, using sheers needed a concentrated effort to gain knowledge and skills. Yesterday’s project with NL6213 was definitely a milestone for me.  I didn’t think of using sheers.  I knew I wanted to use that particular fabric for it’s drape and warm weather appeal. It just says spring and summer to me. I noted it was sheers and then thought, which solution? “Which solution” not it’s too hard but choose from amongst the skill set I have. I calling this goal done and blogging Light-Weight, Fusible-Interfacing Sheers-Technique here.