Progress in the Sewing Room

At Stitchers Guild, ejvc has started a thread to Pimp Your Sewing Room which dove-tails perfectly with my own plans to refresh my sewing room this year.  One of the things I have been doing is finding a permanent storage solution for the many rolls of ribbon, laces and trim that I accumulate.   I like this solution:

available on Amazon but I’m sure in other places as well. This pic shows if full of paints (I use this satchel for fabric and craft paints).  My Ribbons and Trim’s Satchel is almost 4″ deep.  When filled (which all 4 of mine are, the rolls stand up. Unfortunately if not filled the rolls tend to move about.  I sorted the ribbons and trims by color because generally I’m looks for a specific color or color range although sometimes I’m just looking for general inspiration.  Even though the satchels are transparent, I have problems knowing exactly which bin I want when they’re sitting on their shelf:

I sat on the floor to take the pic above. Normally, that’s not what I see. I see the edge with the thick handles and locks which is the reason I added the green stickers on top.

I wrote the colors in the satchel on the green stickers. They’re in pencil and didn’t photo nicely but they are changeable and visible enough for me.


Being able to find my stuff and having nice storage (i.e. Pimped out) makes sewing just a little nicer. Don’t cha tink?


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