A Tale of Woe

I’ve been working towards a new fitting procedure for blouses and tops.



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6 thoughts on “A Tale of Woe

  1. I always make more than one muslin every time I buy a new pattern & I have fewer “problem” areas than you have. 🙂
    I have slightly sloped shoulders and I do not like the way my shoulders look in a dropped shoulder pattern. I do not buy dropped shoulder patterns…

  2. Have you tried LC’s method of removing 5/8 off the front shoulder seam and adding it to the back. Then you need to do the same on the sleeve pattern. Remove from the front of the sleeve and add to the back sleeve seam. Just a thought.

  3. Bev, I have similar issues. I agree with Janet on the dropped shoulder. I must have a set in sleeve. I use sloper and add the details from other patterns. For LC I am using some details and her instructions. Interesting aside about the LC forward shoulder fix. I took some classes from Cynthia Guffey a couple of weeks ago. Her take was that is not good. Generally if that is needed it is an upper back curve issue, not forward shoulder. She has 3 good DVDs on fitting your “hanger”. One for shoulder width, one for upper back curve and one for shoulder slope. That is the order she says the fixes should be done. She has an interesting way to measure shoulder width. I am working on her suggestions now for my sloper. Sorry for the long response. Best to you. Love your detailed blog.

    1. Thanks Paula and sorry to take so long to reply. I think you are right. I need to return to using my slopers and adding details from other patterns. Trying to trace patterns and adapt to my sloper is a difficult and inaccurate process. It just doesn’t work as well as I want. thanks for leaving a comment


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