Culling — It’s part of wardrobing

Twice a year I swap out clothes from my closet. When I first moved to South Dakota, I realized I was in a climate with 4 seasons.  Later I realized that spring and autumn were very similar temperature-wise with spring having more rain and mud; autumn more snow and leaves. I realized that I needed clothing for 3 seasons not 4. Which means I need only swap the clothing for very cold weather with the clothing for very warm weather as needed. Which is at the beginning of summer and again the beginning of winter. Winter is just days away although we are still enjoying beautiful, warm autumn days and I’m taking the time to swap out summer for winter clothing.

This is the time when I donate clothing because it hasn’t been worn the previous season. I also donate the clothing I made but didn’t really like.  This year I also donated two tank tops that are dark. Though constructed perfectly (in fact with interesting techniques), they don’t fit my summer mood and never get worn.  I also donated a couple of pairs of pants that looked good during fitting but in every picture taken thereafter were ugly. Why keep and wear ugly pants when I have better? I do get rid of clothing that’s become worn.  What’s always interesting to me is that as I am pressing the clothing I’m hanging for the new season, I find clothes that should have been trashed at the end of the previous season.  I wonder, how I missed their poor condition?

This task takes several days and is one of the few times I really miss being near a large city.  I would definitely use a pressing service. Except, that’s part of the process I use to check the condition of my clothing. I pass the iron over every square inch of cloth. Which means when I’m pressing, I examining every square inch.  It’s when I catch needed mending and ofttimes when I determine clothing is too worn to be worn.

I won’t disappear completely while performing this task.  I need to sew just to relieve the boredom. But challenging sewing is definitely on hold.