Patterns That Fit

I was beating myself up over the effort I’ve put into fitting patterns to my current shape. I don’t know why exactly, but I started taking stock of which patterns I have that do fit.

3rd Layers

Essentially, any third layer (vest, cardigan, coat) will fit.  I may need to apply my NSA and BWL adjustments.  I may need heavy-duty shoulder pads for coats. But third layers don’t need to fit closely.  They need to be a bit roomy so that other clothes can be worn beneath.  Fit is less critical with a 3rd layer.  I’ve gone through my closet and taken selfies of the 3rd layers I’ve made that still fit

Starting with the 4 above, they are

  1. Wannadu Coat
  2. Simplicity 2539 Vest
  3. Loes Hinse 5104 Vest
  4. New Look 6249 Vest, Jacket, Coat
  5. LJ Designs 0775 Versa Jacket
  6. Burda 2013-01 #428 Water Fall Jacket
  7. Simplicity 2188 Vest
  8. Mc Calls 2835 Jacket, Coat
  9. Dates Designs EZ Does it Dolman Jacket
  10. Butterick 5359 Vest
  11. New Look 6358 Vest
  12. Vogue 9752 Coat
  13. The Bog Coat in all it’s variations, Vest, Jacket Coat


Pants are especially a challenge for me.  Yet I have 3 that fit very nicely

  1. Trudy Jansen 906 Designer Jean
  2. #113 The Pants Perfected by Pamela’s Patterns
    1.  I’ve already morphed a dozen times with various details
  3. Jalie Eleanore
    1. I don’t count the 2908 Jeans as ‘fit’ because I haven’t made them in several years but I do have 2 in my closet which I still wear.

Tops: Blouses, T-Shirts, Knits

I’ve really struggled with fitting tops this year. I’ve been repeatedly disappointed by tops that almost fit but I can’t fix the final issue usually a rising front hem or diagonals between center of body and side seam.  But I do have all the above fit which include slopers for knit and woven tops.

  1. Loes Hinse Rochelle Top
  2. Loes Hinse Madagascar Tank
  3. Burda 1992-05 #116 Raglan Blouse
  4. Sew and Sew 5803 Knit Raglan top
  5. Connie Crawford 1204 the woven sloper
  6. Connie Crawford  5215 the knit sloper
  7. Connie Crawford 0456 Vest that I use as a woven top
  8. Connie Crawford  5863 View A and C
  9. Burda 2011/04 #118 Dolman Top

Additionally, I just need to tweak the Ebb pattern by Louise cutting:

This exercise, identifying the patterns which I have fit to me, was really up-lifting. I have enough patterns to sew a wardrobe. I have enough patterns fit to indulge in creative sewing.  Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone commented and I agree that  instead of struggling with fitting new patterns, I need to use my slopers and add the details which interest me.  I used to do that all the time.  I enjoy the creative aspect of sewing. Using the sloper with added details allowed me to skip all the heartache of fit not to mention skipping a lot of fumbling with pattern pieces and tracing.  Besides, after struggling to fit a new pattern it will look remarkably like my sloper.  I will still be doing some fitting.  I have the J Sterns Jeans Workbook and pattern. I so want a standard pair of non-stretch jeans that I can sew. I love TJ906 but it takes more fabric. I don’t always have the extra fabric required.  Also, I like an extended shoulder and dolman style sleeve.  I want to create slopers for these two styles as well as the basic shoulder princess bodice. I love the variety.  I want these styles in my closet. At the same time, I don’t have to struggle with fit when I don’t want to because I’ve got at least 25 styles that fit already.

ETA 20151101 to add 9th Blouse Pattern