Gutermann Thread Cabinet Fixed

I know I shared my Gutermann Thread Cabinet when it arrived, but dang if I can find my own post!

Mine is All Sewing Thread instead of the cotton shown above. I purchased my cabinet off Amazon but can’t find a current link. The case was damaged during shipping. The entire left hand side (black, white yellows etc) would not hold the spools in place.  I made the purchase for the cabinet, not the thread. I already had a goodly supply of Gutermann thread.  So I contacted the vendor who arranged to send me an empty cabinet. Problem solved for me. I filled up the new cabinet and held onto the old one and a box so I could send it back. I asked for return instructions twice.  Now 3,4 maybe more years later, I’ve decided they don’t want it back.

I cleaned out the dust and deleterious it had acquired. Removed the side bar that finishes the face nicely.

I selected  a small tube of E6000 glue for the task of gluing the plastic spool supports into place.  I wanted time to position the supports.  Hot glue solidifies too quickly IMO for careful placement.  At first I placed glue only on the sides of the support. About half way through I decided that the back needs to be glued as well.  There may be a  second gluing session in my future

I started with a goodly supply of Gutermann Threads, added the 100 from the cabinet.  Even though cabinet meets my need 99% of the time, there will always be that fabric which doesn’t look as nice as it could with a better match.  At one time I was having problems sourcing replacement spools and looked into using WAWAK Metrosene for refills.  So I have more than 100 colors of thread.

I rearranged the spools so that each row contains one set of number. Like all the 900’s are in the 2nd cabinet all the way to the right (lilac, purple).   I select thread based on color but I replace based on number. Of course, I select new additions by color.  The empty row is for spools I need to purchase.  I’m thinking of it as the Refill Row.  I may move the 000’s (black, white) to the second row. It suits my sensibilities to have the Refills in the first row instead of second.

My two cabinets sit nicely behind my serger.  I would prefer to have them behind the SM, but I’ll need an extensive rearrangement:

Until then, my current arrangement works!


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