Dream Machine: Notes about Sweater Knits and Shoulder Pads

I’m truly excited about this machine. It has so many features but it also has some differences I need to keep track of.  This week’s lesson was with Sweater Knits and Shoulder Pads.

On my Bernina 1630, I chose the straight stitch with a slight wobble i.e. zero length and .1 width. My Viking Ruby knew exactly what to do to produce a perfect seam for knits when I selected the straight stitch and knit fabrics.   The Brother does not have a fabric selection. But Brother does this wonderful thing of saving the last settings. So every time I start the machine, the settings I was using last session are ready for me this session.  I use the same settings over and over. I’ve often wished that I could set my own defaults on these computerized sewing machine.  Finally that feature has arrived!

I did some testing. I found that the straight stitch (1-03) would pop  when the seam was stretched.  Who loves a knit garment with popped seams, eh?  Possibly, I could have created a wobble stitch on the zig zag but I change the zig zag frequently. I would like an easy to select knit stitch because I use it a lot.  I worked on the lightening stitch (1-06?) and found that 5mm long and .5 wide created a flexible, non-popping straight stitch for knits!  Because Brother keeps my settings, I’m now semi-permanently set up for knits with just one touch on the 1-06 button.

I also wondered what the heck to do about a tack stitch. Bernina 1630: zig zag with a stitch length 0. Easy peasy. Viking Ruby had an acceptable tack stitch on the A2 screen. I’m testing the Dream Machines stitch 4-17 which looks like the bar tack of the button hole. I add the Return and Trim functions (touch the screen buttons) so that at the end of the tack it secures with 3 in place stitches, pulls the threads to the bottom and trims them.  I use the bar tack mostly for attaching shoulder pads. If anyone has another suggestion, I’d love to hear it.