Sweater Refashion 2

I bought 5 sweaters last year.  One is already in the ‘donate’ box. It slides off the shoulders and is permanently sexy whilst I desired always warm. Another is a light weight but opaque sweater knit, (real sweater knit not this sheer crap I’ve been sewing). The sweater knit was printed in black and blue and finished with glitzy gem like buttons. I don’t expect it to last much longer.  It is pretty, comfortable and I wear it often but it doesn’t like the laundry very well, even the Dryell route.  The other 3 have turtle necks. I got up the courage to amputate one of my sewn turtle necks the first of last week.  This week I decided to work on the first of my purchased sweaters:

I like this sweater. It’s very classic looking. The deep turtle neck made it ‘current’ last year. The deep turtle neck made it impossible to wear outside the house. I was absolutely too hot.  The success of last week made me think it might be possible to make this a daily wear garment if I amputated it’s turtle neck. Problem is this is actually attached between two bindings and it is a very thick, rounded join.

I contemplated ripping, but couldn’t be sure I was slicing the right threads. I decided to smooth the turtle neck to the inside and pin it there

Until I could stitch at my Dream Machine:

I’m again using the lightening stitch 1-6 set at 5mm long and .5 wide.  I have the laser light on because it was difficult to see exactly where I was stitching and the guide foot with its little blade didn’t want to stay in the ditch.  I know the laser looks a little off but it is accurate to the end of the foot. I kept adjusting the neckline to feed under the laser exactly at the end of the foot. It was perfect.

Have I mentioned the auto threading of the Dream? It’s another bit of perfection activated by the button here:

You run the thread through the path just like on the PE770 then push this button. It’s the closest I’ve had, including the PE770, to truly automatic threading. It works perfectly. Every time. I remember fighting with the original ‘auto threaders’ and wishing I could get them out-of-the-way so I could thread the embroidery machine myself.  The Janome 9500 and Ruby were somewhat better; or maybe I was just familiar with the process.  The PE770 was astonishing. Hit the handle and it sort of threw the thread into the needle’s eye. The Dream is amazing. It’s a smooth, quiet process. I’m so spoiled by it.

This picture is not very clear but when I finished stitching around the neckline, I trimmed the collar using my applique aka duck-billed scissors.

I like the way these scissors lift the fabric up and help keep me from cutting places I don’t want cut. It still needs a little care on my part i.e. I can still cut the wrong thing if I’m not paying attention.

Finished neckline:

Worn with my favorite DG2 Jeans, The modern boot cut. Which is slim though thigh and leg but flares about and inch at the ankle. Very slimming IMO.

Despite the model’s face above, I’m really happy with the finished sweater.  I’ve worn it once already and it performed as expected.  The stitching at the neck doesn’t pop. What remains of the turtle neck stays tucked inside.  Not sure what those lumps are in front of my abdomen. The sweater is a smooth knit. I’m contemplating shortening the sleeves and maybe even the hem. But probably not. This is a Walmart purchase. I don’t expect it to be long-lasting but I do expect to be able to wear it more than once per year.