The Walmart Collection

That probably caused rancor amongst some of you, distaste in others.  Walmart is fact of life in America for not all of us can choose to pay a higher price even when we want to.

Primarily, DH and I purchase groceries and sundries at Walmart.  DH prefers other stores for clothing and, as you know, I make most of my own. I buy most of my underwear at Walmart because I like new underwear vs something 2-3 years old. I have some physical issues which result in unattractive staining. I like being able to blithely toss underwear when it’s not pretty enough any more. From time to time I do pick up a clothing item or two.  It’s mostly of an urgent need i.e. I’m gone from home and need something that I didn’t bring with me.  In which case, I also prefer cheap/disposable because I usually don’t need many multiples of that particular item. I mean, I didn’t think to bring it with me. How necessary could it be? Rarely, but it does happen I purchase an item because it is attractive.

About every other year, something I purchased proves it deserves to be part of my wardrobe.  I’ve got 4 of those items now.  One is embarrassing to wear but I still do because it is what it is and  I like exactly what it is. Another, is badly snagged and needs to be replaced.  The 3rd  4th proved it’s value in wear for about 2 months. The 4th became an instant classic.  I’ve decided to call these 4 garments “My Walmart Collection” and to copy their dimensions and shape for future reincarnations.

So this post is a warning. I’m starting a short series of posts that will take weeks/months before completion.  I plan to do these designs justice by utilizing good fabrics and appropriate embellishments.  That takes thought and planning. I plan to add to this collection if and when I purchase other garments that also become wardrobe staples. For now My Walmart Collection consists of:

  • Woven Cami
  • Ruana
  • Caftan
  • Long Shrug

The names of the garments give some of their features away. They are easy fitting. Most are on the voluminous side. They either fit at the shoulder or the fabric easily conforms to the wearer’s (me) shoulder shape.  Beyond that, the proportions are right for my curvy, 5’3″,  overweight stature. While the fit at shoulder and adequate ease are important, it’s the proportions that takes these garments into the ‘must have’ category.  There are many cami’s out there. Ruana’s and Caftans come and go all the time as does various incarnations of Shrugs. You probably have at least one of these garments in your closet.  I do but these are special to me because the proportions are flattering and therefore flattering for me. Stay tuned, I plan to share the original, my version, shape and dimensions of each. You can copy for yourself, or skip the whole series.


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  1. I just read your article about the i-loom ( and wanted to comment it but the comment section seems to be closed. The Android version is in development and should be released by next Fall. We decided to release the App for Apple products only in order to test the App and fix all bugs or users problem, before releasing it on Android as it is an equally important market. Apple product users are actually our guinea pigs 😉 You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get notified when we release the Android version. Feel free to contact us at if you have more questions.
    The i-loom team

    1. Thank you for this information. I’m very much enjoying my iLoom even without the software. I’m tickled to read that an Android version will be available and look forward to find it on Googleplay.

      I apologize it was so difficult to leave your comment/info. Like most bloggers I’ve had to take extraordinary measures to avoid spammers. Limiting the period open too post comments is one of those measures. I’m so glad you persisted and promise a fair if not glowing review when I’m able to use your software.

      Another apology in case you received a garbled message. I was correcting my post and accidentaly hit the send button.

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