The Walmart Collection: Woven Cami

I gave some information on this garment in my “I Purchased Two” post a few days ago.  I am withholding dimensions although they won’t be hard to figure out.   I started with my basic woven block. You could start with your basic block or a sleeveless/tank top.   I used the front and back of my basic block.

I used my curve and ruler to copy the neckline and armscye following Peggy Sager’s instructions The French Curve.  Peggy is a master of the curve and she is good at explaining how to use it.  I’ll not post my own instructions as long as that video is up for viewing. I just can’t do as good of a job as she did.  Once at Silhouette’s YouTube channel, feel free to view her other videos.  She often pulls out the curve and gives a practical demonstration in copying curves of collars, armscyes, necklines. You name it. Wherever there is a curve in the garment, Peggy has it covered.

I used the rest of the lining from my Robe. That fabric had been in the stash far too long. Now the bulk of it has been incorporated into a good project, I feel free to use the remaining yard, yard and a quarter in a test garment, this first version of the woven cami.  I laid out my pattern pieces (the ones altered to be my cami) and traced the front neckline but rough cut a big rectangle around the front.  I proceeded to immediately embroider the 3 small designs on front:

This design was composed from a single, tiny freebie. It’s the kind of thing others complain is too small to be any good.  Which leaves me scratching my head.  First off, you were really expecting a large design that took hours and hours, test after test to perfect? You were expecting all that work for free?  From someone who doesn’t know you exist or really care about you? . I don’t find small designs worthless at all.

This design was 1.75X 1.50″ and  1900 stitches.  I prefer light embroidery and experienced some trepidation about using that many stitches, in that small of an area, on a light weight i.e. lining weight fabric. Would it work?  I did a test and was satisfied. Then I played with combinations.  I felt like a single was too small for the final effect I desired, this time. That’s not always true.  Absolutely can vision the single on the original cami’s pocket. But I wanted something to accent the neckline. Three, in the triangle shape seemed perfect.  I chose tone on tone embroidery with the embroidery darker than the cami fabric. That’s personal choice; personal taste. The final result is exactly what I wanted: a delicate embroidery on my undergarment; invisible beneath the upper layers. Sort of a secret, feminine touch just for me.

I didn’t mean to talk write so much. Now that I’ve done it and can’t edit out without losing what I wanted to document, well it’s time to split the post.  Please come back tomorrow for Part II.