First Version: Walmart Long Shrug

Let’s get right to it:

This is not the worst garment I’ve ever made even when viewed from the side

but it’s not quite as flattering as the original.

Possibly this is due to color.  The dark blue could hide lots of issues like the drag lines and hem fluting of the back

Possibly, I stretched the back at the hem. I didn’t measure but simply applied the binding 1:1.  Still the back isn’t horrible either. The front does tend to open as I move about and the front appearance changes a bit

Again not bad. I am considering adding a closure at the center front to keep it looking like the first pic, but it’s not that bad.  I may have changed the actual dimension when I bound the neckline.  I consciously pushed gaps back together. Maybe that was in correct.

This garment is also comfortable to wear but not quite as warm as the original. Obviously this has lots of holes to let in air. Maybe it would be better as a spring/summer/fall garment than todays bitter below zero temps.

Absolutely binding the seam allowances effect the drape.  I can see and feel that the drape is different from the original. Then too, the original was cushier and gave the garment a different look and feel. My first version is just not as wonderful as the original. While I was stoked with the Walmart original, I’m merely pleased with this garment. I will wear it.  I’m likely to add the front closure. But I don’t love it as much as the original.

I WON’T be throwing the pattern away.  Despite my lower enthusiasm, this shrug is still much better than most I’ve tried or owned.   The issues are with my seam finishes rather than the pattern.

I’m glad I have only 1 more piece of machine knit lace. Neither garment has been wildly successful. My disappointment is such that, I may donate the last piece or serge the edges and call it a afghan.  The wild edges need taming but the taming options I’ve attempted (serged, bound) have taken away from the desired appearance. I don’t see myself buying machine knit lace again. I do see myself making the pattern again and soon. The original is going to be ugly in mere weeks. I love it enough that I want another and I want the new one to be very much like the original.  In my mind, it’s just a matter of finding the right fabric.