2016 Spring 6PAC

So I’m seriously considering sewing a full 6PAC this spring. To my delight,  steady participation in 6PAC sewing at Stitchers Guild, has given me a wearable wardrobe.  Generally, I have the clothes I need for all the occasions and activities in my life. I’m most pleased that travel is not a horrendous packing experience. I grab whichever 6PAC is  clean and I’m off. Whichever? Well after a few years of 6PAC sewing, I discovered that I really like to keep 3 basic color groups

  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Brown

The groups can be extended to encompass shades. For example, I consider charcoal and grey part of the Black Group; or, while Navy Blue is a given for Fall, Winter and Spring, it morphs easily into lighter shades of blue for summer.  It is my accents along with style changes that keep my wardrobe fresh and stimulates my interest in sewing .

Having established these 3 basic color groups, I find sewing a for the next season is a matter of evaluating the core wardrobe items; replacing as needed and then adding new accents.  I actually don’t need to do a lot of sewing for any upcoming season.  Yes, it’s wonderful but keep in mind this has been in the works for  decades.  It has taken me this long to discover who I am, what I like to wear and what clothing my life requires.  Just saying, I’m in a good place. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t yet achieved the same wardrobe status. It takes time…

and for the first time in several seasons I’ve decided I need to sew a complete 6PAC for Spring 2016.  Despite knowing that spring in South Dakota means changing ice and snow for rain and mud, I’m longing for lighter colors.  There is a big downside in giving into my desire. Clothing made in lighter colors will probably be ruined during a single season.  But I’ve decided that since (1) I’m still struggling with fitting my sloping, asymmetrical shoulders and (2) have as yet not developed a reliable pant-fitting routine, it’s most likely that none of the clothes I’ve sewn this year will be wearable next year.  I’ve decided to indulge in color.  From my stash I selected this light turquoise, taupe, cream sateen for my core garment:

This is the only fabric which my camera perfectly captured color.

It’s not a heavy sateen. I wouldn’t make pants.  I’m hoping to make a blouse that can also function as a 3rd layer.  I’m hoping to be able to slip it over T-shirts or close-fitting blouses. I’m calling this my Core Fabric.

Most of all, I’m hoping that my newly acquired  Cutting Line Design pattern, the Pinch, will fill the bill for me.

The Pinch is modern and trendy but still has classic lines. Not to mention, Louise’s excellent perception of the image women-of-my-age want to project. I don’t want to reveal every curve or spot of  cellulite I’ve managed to acquire. Also my body hurts. I wear support layers (AKA spanx) not to look young and sexy but to hold up my frame and relieve some of my aches and pains.  I appreciate garments with sufficient ease to skim across extra lines and lumps that may occur around supported area i.e back and knees.  I’m hoping that the Pinch has enough ease and a long enough armscye to slip over any underlayer. I will be measuring. Lots and lots of measuring.

From the stash emerged 3 really good possibilities for pants.  This bengaline

and a cushy microfiber knit

Both exactly match the colors of the core fabric. I’m sorry that my camera did not catch the close match. I’m not sure that I want to wear the very light blue while I’m still slogging through mud. So as an alternative I have selected another microfiber knit (same composition as the light blue)  in a dark turquoise color

Actual color is much darker; almost teal.

I plan to make only 2 pairs of pants.  At some point I will have to decide which fabric gets sent back into the stash.  The bengaline was a purchase from the Mitchell SD fabric store. The other two fabrics came from Hancocks in Sioux Falls.  All three were purchased in the last 2 years.

I want a combination of tops which will include woven and knit fabrics. I’m loving this rayon batik (from Nancy’s Notions)

although I think it might be a little dark. Again, the camera didn’t catch the colors accurately.   High on the possible’s list is this cotton interlock

and an ITY knit

I had a hard time narrowing my fabric choices down to these. It was more than just looking at the colors. I also considered the shapes in the designs as well as the density of the fabrics.  I will still need warm coverage for quite some time.While the temperatures will be warmer, I won’t see 70’s before June.  It’s just the way it is in my eco system.  I finally whittled my selections down by reminding myself that the “also ran’s” would be available  if any of the garments were ruined by weather or if I finally happened onto fitting perfection and wanted to replace less than perfect.  I put two stacks of 8-10 fabrics each back in the stash because their colors didn’t match the core fabric.  I’ve got a place where I stack the fabrics I’m working for the current projects which now contains the fabrics above.  Next to it are the other possibilities; the ‘also ran’:

another ITY knit


Cotton Print


Rayon Challis Print


Transparent Sweater Knit

You know, I feel comforted that I can sew the 6PAC as planned above or if anything goes wrong, I can switch to another fabric; another pattern.  I also could extend this 6PAC into summer by sewing some of the fabrics above using summer styles and maybe changing pants for shorts.

Whoops, still haven’t chosen my patterns. Well, I’ll get to that.