Spring 6PAC: the 3rd layers

To my delight, I realized that I had just sewn the perfect vest for Spring:

Loes Hinse Venetian Vest 5104 I was not completely happy with this vest. It has at least a hint of the side swags I’m always complaining about and it was not proportioned for me. I think the proportions happened when I added 3″ to the hem to replace the sewn on band and then bound the hem instead of folding it up to equal the finished length of vest with band.  I think I’d like to do something that would disguise the swags. Maybe gather the back and sides which would add a little shaping and with additional gathers the swags would not be so apparent. But I”m not sure. I am sure the length needs to be adjusted. It either needs to be coat length or my typical vest length.  I opted to attach strips of Steam A Seam along the bottom edge and fold it upward 1.25″ into a hem.  I’m unlikely to launder this 100% boucle wool. I might however want to adjust the hem just a little bit more. SAS while not holding forever, will make it easy to adjust the hem more.

Then I discovered the perfect spring jacket was already in my closet!  This Bog Coat

constructed several years ago and hardly ever used. Spring is such that I rarely need a light jacket. I’m mostly happy with a vest and even that isn’t necessary every day. OTOH from time to time,( remember those 35 mile per hour winds I mentioned yesterday?) my winter coats will still be pressed into service. The bog coat was fully lined and possesses substantial shoulder pads even though it is lightly interfaced.  Love it and love having another garment collection to use with it.