The 2016 Spring 6PAC

Happy to have all pieces completed, I set up the camera and snapped pics of the various combinations possible.

It’s not just a matter of possible combinations, I’m also checking to be sure they work together. I mean the bog coat is worthless if it doesn’t easily slip over my tops.

My two tops

Two Bottoms

and Two layers

Which make 12 possible outfits:

It would be possible to wear the Bog Coat over the Vest adding 4 more outfits to my collection. But I’m not likely to do that. If I need that much extra warmth, I’m pulling out a coat or fleece lined jacket.

Also note that I wasn’t wild about the fit of my Eleanors. When the whole outfit is put together, I don’t even see the wrinkles to which  I really objected.

This is an excellent travel wardrobe. I would add shoes and purse (of course) a little jewelry.  I might through a warmer layer into the car to have ‘just in case’. Overall it is very satisfactory.   I anticipate adding a short sleeve T-shirt for the our one  week true spring i.e. too warm for long sleeves but too cool for sleeveless. This color combination is so nice, I can also see adding more pieces for a Summer wardrobe and even extending through Autumn and parts of Winter.


7 thoughts on “The 2016 Spring 6PAC

  1. Bev, you look lovely in these colors and styles. Imo, this entire 6pk is a winner. I love the middle pic in the second row; you look beautiful there. Congratulations!

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