Spring 6PAC: Wait there’s more!

After discovering the coordinating Bog Coat, I couldn’t help but look to see what else might coordinate with the turquoise/cream/beige scheme.

I found 2 more tops,

Ebb blouse;  LH1011 Rochelle

Two  more 3rd layers

Otto  Water Fall Cardigan 2015/5;  NL 6528 Vest

and surprise surprise 2 more pairs of pants.

Cotton/Lycra Eleanor;  RPL Jalie.

The 4th pair of pants  (RPL Jalie) is exactly the same color and fabric as the Dark Turquoise RPL of the initial 6PAC. The difference being that this previously sewn pair has the faux fly in front and the separate yoke in the back.  To my sorrow, this pant is already pilling. It has been worn maybe once every other week since constructed last fall.  I  will try shaving to extend its life span, but I’m afraid that it won’t be in service long.

The final tally is 4 tops, 4 bottoms and 4 3rd layers which explode into  to 80 outfits in this collection:

Pant 1 (Bengaline)

Pant 2 RPL

Pant 3 Cotton/Lycra

additionally there is Pant 4 which is too similar for most people to tell apart but that would add another 20 outfits or EIGHTY possible combinations. Again it would be possible to wear the Bog Coat or WaterFall cardigan over the two vests.  I’m not even going to calculate that because I’m unlikely to do so. If I get that cold, I probably want to don one of my coats.

This is a wardrobe I could work in. Yes there are enough changes to take me through a month without exactly repeating .





6 thoughts on “Spring 6PAC: Wait there’s more!

  1. Wow, Bev, your wardrobe is fabulous! I love 3rd layers, and yours are great! Wear with confidence!

  2. That is impressive! I like that you can seamlessly integrate your new pieces with so many previously made garments. It makes for a very cohesive wardrobe (I aspire to this).

    1. I learned my colors several years back and stay pretty true to them. I’ve also realized I prefer solid, dark,colored bottoms which minimize my bottom half and are easier to coordinate. ejvc’s 6PAC sewing was the final key for a wardrobe that not only works for me but is packable.

      Thank you, Alexandrea. If this is what you aspire to, it can be done but it may take some time.

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