UFO 01

I joined the  SG group who decided it was time to clean up UFO’s.  Fortunately I’m pretty well-disciplined. I complete repairs and alterations weekly or at least before the next project is officially started. UFO’s I complete or discard rather than having  failures hang around to depress me. So I don’t have many UFO’s and they were gathered during the last 3 months as I was doggedly working at creating a cap sleeve pattern that fit my body and looked good.

I did acquire one UFO during vacation.  It’s a Tank Top with a logo I particularly liked. It’s RTW and RTW has no chance of fitting me nicely.Either the hips are too small. In which case the tank/T will slowly creep up until it’s coiled around my waist like an Anaconda snake.  Also, the straps may sit nicely but even with my barely b cup, I will have bust drag lines.

The there’s the other extreme, and the size I purchased, the Hips Fit!

BUT the  bust is just huge and the straps too long therefore revealing much too much of my bra.

Not my best look IMO.

I used to pinch and try to drape-fit at least minimally. Then I purchased Pamelas T’Shirt Makeover

and RTW T-shirts and Tanks have never been the same for me.  I don’t currently have Pamela’s T-shirt and T-shirt Makeover patterns fitted. I did the next best thing, I used my own sleeveless, knit-bodice sloper.

I carefully folded the Tank in quarters. Hard to describe and even harder to see in the pics. Essentially the fronts and backs are folded in half and then one half consisting of a half-front and a half-back is tucked inside the other half-front and half-back.

I placed my back-sloper  on top, aligning the underarm 3/8″ above the armscye FOE.

I chalked the side seams, armscye and neck from my sloper but I didn’t want to rip and replace neck or armscye FOE.

I made my cuts to have minimal impact on those areas.  I did however trim 2″ in length.

I did all my stitching at the SM, my Brother Dream Machine.  I was lazy.  I already had black thread in the SM, but white in the serger and cover stitch. It was just easier to use the SM than find and switch the cones out of the serger and cover stitch.  I pinned the neckline and armscye together carefully and stitched both the new shoulders and the new side seams.

Pressed those seams carefully towards the back and stitched 3/8″ away.

The public side looks really nice.

I used Steam-A-Seam to hold the hem edge in place and  selected the triple stitch to secure. Unfortunately, I can’t show how nice that looks. The pic, even very lightened, doesn’t show the stitching.

Running out of time, (we’re only 4 days post-op for DH’s rotar cuff repair) I gave it a quick try on

Wish the back was just a bit wider.  My bra strap is still peeking out. ‘Fraid that’s a done deal.  I didn’t trim any width and sure can’t add any.

The front is still a bit loose across the bust.  I immediately thought of adding clear elastic on the inside. Second thought is 3 or 5 armscye darts on the outside.  That might look kewl — except since they are after-the-fact, I won’t be able to make the wide end even with the armscye. 3rd option, and the one I chose, let’s see what happens after the first wash.

You probably won’t see an update.  Sewing time is at premium. Blogging time even more so.