Interfacing Cleanup

Over at SG were having a Sewing Room Clean up.  I’ve participated every year, at least to a limited degree.  It’s supposed to be a September thing announced in August so plans can be made and supplies gathered. I inadvertently started in August when I restacked one of my fabric stash shelves. Another inadvertent action, was restacking, sorting and donating from my yarn stash.  Now I’ve done it again.  I needed interfacing for a blouse.  Interfacings are stored in a 3drawer plastic cabinet beneath my cutting table.  I reached down and pulled out the drawer only to be met by this sight:

I started using interfacings with the beginners sewing class back in high school (That should date me. )  I learned from another student. Well, I saw her doing something strange and asked what and why fer? She was using a light weight non-woven fusible, Pelon, — something we tend to denigrate today since much better interfacings and fusibles are available.   I was hooked immediately. During the subsequent  -lets call it 40) years, I’ve been using and testing interfacings.  I’ve used a number of storage methods.  Before I pulled open that drawer, I’d been folding and placing the yardage back in the drawer.  I looked at that mess and decided, “I can do better”.

It was simple really.  I measured the depth of the drawer (6″)and folded the interfacings to that width. Then I rolled them up and rubber-banded.

Then, Plop back into the drawer.

One at a time. 15 Minutes Later:

I even have room for more!




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    1. Well the box works. I was able to find the interfacings. My onky issue was I sometimes duplicated purchases but I can always use them in the future, right?

      Thanks for your comment. Always good to hear from you.

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