Sept Clean Up Blue Fabrics

Not inadvertent, for once, I rearranged more shelves.  The blue and purple, green, red fabrics.

I moved the reds to Shelf 01 placing them above the pinks/peaches which really seems to work visually.

I moved those first because I needed to free shelf space on Shelf 02.   I’m still pulling out the prints if they have one of my dominant base colors, black, navy or Seal Brown (previously referred to as chocolate but I realized Seal Brown immediately invokes a picture of deep, dark brown which chocolate is not always.)  Initially I stacked the blue prints on the same shelf as the black prints. Until I ran out of room. That’s when I moved the reds to Shelf 01 and the Greens next to the black prints.  That gave me enough room to put the blue prints on the bottom-right shelf of Shelf #02.


It’s nice and neat right now. I realize the appearance of free space is still deceiving. I’ve still got those boxes of sweater knits and jacket fabrics to contend with but ATM the Black , Blue, Green and Purple fabrics are neatly organized and in their permanent places.

Clean Up is moving along nicely!