Amazon Cloud is a bust..

for photo hosting.  My pic links are good for about 48 hours then they just fade away. OK, I’m not sure what they do.  After 48 hours there isn’t even any code within my post.  I could speculate why Amazon doesn’t want permanent links but I’m not.

Though I’ve never gotten another response from Photoshop, I also no longer need to login multiple times.  Unfortunately upload and accessing metadata (pic links) is still a very slow process and they still are aggressively pursuing paid support as in me pay them.   As I still have other options, (anyone heard of One Drive? Dropbox?  And oh yeah, WordPress hosts a limited amount of pics as well),  I haven’t signed up for anything.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded and kept me posted on the visibility of my pics.

I have a couple of posts I want to share. So for now, I’m blowing off Amazon Cloud, uploading to Photoshop and will be testing  my other options.