Stash Room is Done, Done…

but maybe not all the way done (more on that in another post).  I’ve been working off and on to straighten and freshen the Stash Room since about the middle of August.  I feel like I’ve been working on this forever instead of a mere 4 weeks.

To remind you of where I started, I  want to share a few “Befores” which look a lot nicer in  pics than IRL.  For one thing,  I can’t take pics of the entire shelves– like floor to ceiling kind of view.   My cutting table blocks the view!  I’m not showing the yarn ‘Befores’ because a) yarns were stored on the very top of the shelves which are not pictured; and b) some yarns were stored in the Sewing Room.  I dont’ think I even shared the Yarn Clean up in which I assembled all the yarns in the Stash Room sorting and culling until all that is left are yarns I know I would like to wear and are worth my knitting time.  When finished, my yarns occupied the tops of 3 Shelf Sets instead of all 4 and part of the Sewing Room closet.

When looking at my photos, you may notice a kind of disconnect. That is my lack of photo skills.  I took multiple pics from different angles and then tried to  merge the photos together.  So if something looks, not quite right, well it’s my fault.

I turn East to walk into my Stash Room. On the North Wall was:

My serger threads, embroidery hoops; what I fondly refer to as my Wall Pockets directly below a bulletin board. In the North East corner is Shelf #1– and it was full from floor to ceiling.

On the East Wall

Shelf 02 and 03 which contained the majority of my fabrics organized by color.

Not pictured, the South Wall was and is occupied by a huge closet in which  DH’s off-season clothing, our luggage and some misc stuff reside.

Onto the East Wall

which hosted yarn, embroidery stabilizers, threads and supplies; my current project and on the bottom two rows, my pattern collection.

Many hours and days later, I can now walk through this door:

amazed at the changes.  North Wall:

In addition to organizing the fabrics, I’ve replaced my Wall pockets and covered the bulletin board. The filing cabinet has moved. In it’s place is the low slung shop vac because the shop vac does not interfere with the pockets.

East Wall:

Fabrics are now organized not only by color but separated into pant and top fabrics. I’ve changed my focus from strictly color to how I would use the fabrics in garment collections by grouping  the prints with my personal neutrals: Black, Navy and Seal Brown.

West Wall:

Not too much visibly changed here.  Other than the patterns, everything was touched, cleaned and reorganized. That is, if it wasn’t donated. At one end of the shelf is a step ladder and some boxes for DH.  At the other end my small file cabinet containing Burda pattern inserts is sitting.  Hanging on the very end of the shelf are my basic blocks for woven and knit tops. This small bulletin board was also covered. Have to confess that most of the contents of both bulletin boards was sorted and discarded. That’s not really bad. The bullet boards were really designed to be a temporary holding area for things I wanted at hand for the current project. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have cleaned them up at the end of each project like I do for patterns and fabrics.

And looking into the Center of the Stash Room: my Cutting Table viewed from the East Side, North (or end on) and West Side

I really spent some time culling the stuff that made it under the table and into the plastic drawers.  Time well spent as I can now easily locate basic lining, interfacings, lingerie fabrics and shoulder pads. Oh forgot!  I keep a small arsenal of tool just for me. DH can only borrow my hammer, nails etc if he asks first and returns immediately. (It’s enough if he returns to the top of my cutting table.)

I did not cull sewing patterns. Although I could go through them, I think I’ll put that off until next year because I just culled patterns a few years ago.  Otherwise, every item in this room was touched; dusted; evaluated and assigned a place or donated.  I donated 7 very large boxes (18″x36x 20″ or thereabouts).  I released things I haven’t/ don’t use  including two small diameter rotary cutters, a plastic Miter template and a ruler with so many guide lines my eyes cross when I try to use it. Many other notions as well as fabrics and yarns made their way to Good Will (Yes already gone).  Some donations were easy to make.  Like I realized I was not wearing those stiff 1980 corduroys.  That’s why they never get chosen when I’m making pants, vests or anything else. Home Dec fabrics from 3 hours ago. Gone. Like that. The major ?furnishings? (shelves and table) stayed in place. It’s an arrangement that has worked for me for the last 11 years. I did move about the small filing cabinet, my dress form and the shop vac–several times.  I was looking for an arrangement that fit the room and fit the way I work.   I moved one small box (14″x20″x18″ or so) of stencils to my Sewing Room closet which holds my other art work supplies.

I was surprised and delighted with how much floor space I have. It’s so much easier to get around in this room. So much easier to find things. My shelves are no longer packed so tight I can’t remove something without needing to clean up a fabric avalanche.  It is a great feeling to have this room this clean.



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  1. Wow! What a great and organized sewing room. Your hard work really paid off. I love the way you have organized your fabric stash.

  2. Bev, I am so impressed with the extensive clean out and organization of your sewing room. I thought I had a lot of fabric, but mine is really a drop in the bucket compared to you. I admire your tenacity and ability in everything sewing.


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