Weights and what to do with them in the Stash Room

I use weights to hold my pattern pieces on top of fabric.  Picked this habit up, oh 20 years ago.  For one thing, favorite patterns get damaged when they are pinned repeatedly.  My adoption of the rotary cutter to do the majority of my cutting sealed the deal.  I do find it much more convenient to slide my weights onto pattern tissue and then slash away at the fabric.

I’ve collected a number of weights over the years. My first were heavy ceramic with felt on the bottom. Man I hated when those things dropped on my feet. Eventually 2 managed to find their way into oblivion i.e. I don’t know what happened to them but I don’t have them anymore.  DH found me a couple of interesting rocks. One is naturally formed into a heart. Another I swore was a chocolate lump. I mean I tried to take a bite out of it.  It looked that much like chocolate.  I also like to collect those slices of rocks which look like jewels to me

I needed a place to keep all my weights. A place close to my cutting table.  Last year I made an FSL basket.  Used 15″ long strips of grosgrain ribbon to form the handle.  That worked so well, I made another basket this year — because my collection of weights won’t fit into a single small basket.

This basket is also FSL done on the Viking Ruby (last year I used the Brother PE770).

I added green straps same length as the previous basket. Green because I wanted to see at a glance which basket I’m picking up.

The baskets sit on a glass serving dish

because, well most of the time I want both baskets.  If I only want one basket, I can pick it up by its handle. I love glassware.  Particularly fond of this one with its rose pattern.  I’ve had it for a few years and keep envisioning a printing project….. I’d really rather not it chip or otherwise damage the plate, so this year I added a doily to cushion the baskets. It was another FSL project. I felt like I was making pizza slices.

Need 8 to form the whole doily, which are zig zagged together at the SM.

Both baskets sit on the doily on the plate

which sits on the shelf between my tape dispenser and a small set of drawers which contains notions.

I love having the second basket and the doily. But something I really loved was the feeling I was sewing while cleaning the Stash Room. Yeah the machine keeps stitching thousands of stitches while I’m sweating in the other room.  Then it takes only minutes to complete a lovely project by sewing the pieces together at the SM. But it’s such a relief from the drudgery of cleaning. A real mental lift.


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