Quick Shout Out to WordPress…

… who has tremendously improved their photo hosting.

Yes Photobucket was up to no good again today. Although I could load pics without signing in 30 times, it was sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.  I allowed for the fact I uploaded 12 pics at once. Really should that take 30 minutes? and then should it take another 15 to get to “My Bucket” so I can acquire the link? (Which usually takes another 1-2 minutes, sometimes longer.)

Not much of a patient person, I decided today was the day to test WordPress’ photo hosting. The last time I used them, they too were horribly slow and the process of acquiring a link was many clicks away. This was 6-8 years ago back when I first changed to WordPress for blogging. At the time Photobucket was lightening fast and I thought the two were complimentary.  Wordpress for blogging, Photobucket for photo hosting. This has been true for many years.

I don’t know why, I only know that  my Photobucket transactions have been taking longer and longer.  Right now, each action requires telling them I don’t want to pay whatever-it-is-they-want-to-charge.

Amazon Cloud was quick and easy.  Thought I’d found a winner except that my links would disappear in 48 hours. I mean the code wasn’t even in my post.  How’d they edit my code?

WordPress is today’s hero.  To be fair, I only loaded 1 pic at a time. Each pic took less than 5 seconds. The Link? Not to worry, just press the ‘Insert Into Post’ button.  What an improvement!



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