Wall Pockets

Replacing the Wall Pockets

was the major impetus for *Pimping-up the Stash Room.

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years.  Actually had my fabric for over a year.  Bought the Quilt Hanger about 6 months ago.  The first set was intended to suffice for 6 months to a year, at most.  8 years later, they were looking quite bedraggled.

I knew I still wanted these pockets. When first sewn, I anticipated working at the North end of cutting table and placed the pockets on the North wall of the Stash Room for easy access. It worked brilliantly, other than my tendency to put other furnishing in front. (I removed everything and replaced with short items. The ”space” is occupied so I won’t be inclined to put something taller, yet the item in front doesn’t block my view or access to the sewing notions inside my pockets.)

I wanted something very sturdy.   Something that would keep its shape. So the base is almost like a quilt with a backing of upholstery fabric,

center layer not of batting but heavy interfacing,

and a top layer.  The top layer resembles a sun print.

I know it isn’t a true sun print because it’s a commercial fabric that was available on a bolt and the selvage has those circles for aligning print colors.  I didn’t have a big enough interfacing piece (the finished pockets are 40″ wide and 42″ long) to cover the entire base. So I cut and arranged what I had to fit the base. Then stitched the interfacing to the base. Added the top layer and stitched it to the base. Completed the pocket strips and added them to the base. Added binding all around the perimeter before cutting and stitching to the base 3 quilt hangers. (1 to hand the Wall Pockets, the other 2   hold yard sticks which help keep the whole thing flat against the wall.  Without this support, the Wall Pockets would droop and curl. I know this, from experience.)

I knew a purchased something wouldn’t be satisfactory. Those pockets are shaped for shoes and such. Whereas the pockets I hung on the wall are built for typical sewing notions.  The new Wall Pocket has 17″, 8″ and 3″ deep pockets.

(I can already tell that I should have made one of the 3″ deep pockets 5″ deep.) These are good depths which hold my tools securely with enough visibility that I instantly see what I need and ~very importantly~ things can’t hide and be forgotten.  (i.e. I rediscovered a number of notions when I took the old pockets down and shook them out.)  Each pocket is formed by a long strip that is bound on the upper edge in a contrasting fabric.

Note about the Hanger Kit


NoSeeUms Purchased from Nancy Zieman comes with complete instructions and the following hardware

That orange thing is a level.  The instructions are complicated:

filling both front and back of the single 8.5×11 sheet. You don’t have to use the screws. I did or rather DH did because I know the pockets can get quite heavy.  I did find parts of the instructions confusing because the illustration didn’t match the equipment.  I think they simply lifted the pic and some text they thought was generic and would be easily understood. We did, after all, figure it out and the hanger works nicely.

Essentially the hanger is a short curtain rod (the kind without bend ends) and two clips that attach to the wall. The short curtain rod is threaded through the fabric quilt hanger attached in my case to my Wall Pockets. The curtain rod  then it sits, even through layers of fabric on to those 2 clips.



*I know someone will object to the term, “Pimp”.  I used to think of myself as considerate, thoughtful, tactful.  But I’ve reached the point of asking “Is there anything I can say that won’t offend somebody?”   I think the answer is “no”.  No matter what I say, someone, somewhere will say their feelings are hurt and accuse me of being something terrible. So, I’m saying what I think, in common language. I feel regret if you are offended, but the only way I can’t offend anyone is say nothing and that would mean not blogging. Ummm being silent, won’t that offend someone, out there.