Wannadu Jacket Buttons

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the buttons.  Despite my large collection -the result of my own collecting, collecting of my mother, sister, aunts and gifts of unknown origin– I didn’t feel I had a suitable button for this project.  Nothing would do.  I spent some quality time on my tablet at Etsy looking at black buttons.  When I ran across these


at radishka.  I immediately visualized these with gold brushed across the raised surfaces.  Though I searched for another few hours, I couldn’t find anything close.  I purchased determined to add my own gold paint of which I have a few to select from


Also a few paint application tools


beyond the normal brushes.  I decided to use the Luminere Gold and the medium-sized roller.  I started by poking some holes in waste foam and settling the button shanks into the holes.


I knew I wanted 5 buttons on my jacket which left me with 1 to test (ruin). I squeezed out a little paint on a cleaned foam meat tray


and rolled the roller through it a few times to spread the paint and pick it up on my roller.


Then rolled across my test button.  To my utter shock, my first test was perfect. Exactly what I had envisioned!  It took several more dollops of paint and I needed to hold the buttons in place using a latch tool


I needed the cotton swap to remove paint in the few spots where I was too zealous with my application.

I let the paint dry 4 hours,  moved the buttons and foam to the top of an opened paper bag, and sprayed with an acrylic sealant.


I let the sealant dry for about 8 hours. Not really sure because I sprayed; let it set until bed time; when I ran downstairs and gave the buttons another spray.  In the morning they were dry and beautiful.

Totally pleased with the end result.


They compliment the jacket just as I imagined and were lots easier to create than I expected.


PS I think I paid $8 for the buttons. 49cents is a pipe dream from long ago. Shipping was USPS First Class and took about a week.