The Wannadu Jacket is a soft flowing shape.  It’s a large shape, perfect for embellishing and since I’ve used the pattern before excellent for trying new-to-me techniques.  In addition to painting the buttons (which I didn’t originally intend to do), I also wanted to revisit a button closure technique: attaching a cord to a finished edge.

The first time, I worked with thing round elastic. It was fussy and I didn’t do that good of a job. This time I worked with a cord formed by cutting my fabric 1″ wide; folding the cut edges to the center and then folding the folds together. Like you would do for bias tape. I attached the cord starting at the hem on the left side (the button side) up and around the neckline using a the rail road stitch. Well I think of it as a rail road.  It’s one or two stitched forward then one to the left, back to center, one to the right back to center and repeat. There are no zig zag’s.   I marked the position of the button holes with chalk.  I would stitch 1/2″ away from the mark. Make a secure stitch.  Slide the garment up under the foot just under an inch and then start the rail road stitch up to the beginning of the next buttonhole. Where I would again secure, slide forward and stitch some more.  After the final buttonhole, I stitched all the way to the hem joining the cord and the folded edge of my garment.  Finished it looks like this


Which open up nicely for buttons


and closes around the button beautifully


My issue is with beginning and end the cord attachment


I can do it neatly, but not perfectly


I’d really like the hem edge to be perfectly level.  It’s a button/closure technique I like and will use again.