Yardstick Box

I snuck in an after-the-fact project (and suspect I may have a few more such projects).   I already had the box

and filled with yardsticks when I noticed I had a largish size fabric-remnant left. It was almost enough to wrap around the box.

First it wasn’t wide enough. So I trimmed the height of the box 1″.


Then I hot-glued the fabric wrapping it around the box.

I’m convinced no woman should set up house without a hot glue gun and glue.  There are so many things that can be fixed with a spot of glue that would otherwise take months of nagging.

Had to take care of the join somehow.  I could have set it towards the wall, but then I would have known it was there.  So while I had the glue-gun in-hand and hot, I retrieved some ribbon from the ribbon stash and covered the join.

I like to look at other’s asymmetry, but I want symmetry in my own life. So I drew a line on the opposite box-side of the fabric join and glued a second ribbon on that side.

Then I wasn’t satisfied with the top of the box and decided ribbon there would be nice.

One of things I really like about hot-glue is when you’re done, it’s done. No drying or curing time. Done. Boom. Put the box in the corner and fill it with yardsticks D-O-N-E.