Post Gussy Project (PGP)

I’m truly enjoying my cleaned up, spiffied up, gussied up Stash Room. So much to that I find myself cleanup when I would have otherwise left as is. I do clean up after each project and the robot vacuums nearly every day. But I’m picking up tissue scraps that I’d otherwise leave for the robot and folding fabrics that I’d normally just set aside. I’m putting tools away immediately rather than waiting until the project is finished. It keeps the room clean and neat.  It’s such a surprise and delight to step into my clean and neat Stash Room I came up with another small project.

I save my large tissue scraps because they’re needed.  I had cutting into new tissue just for a 4″ strip  especially since every pant pattern I trace produces 2 very long 4″ scraps. So I pin them to the bulletin board on the East Wall.  For this easy project, I poked a hole in the top of the scraps and threaded them onto a spare S clip.  I hung the S Clip on the board.


That probably seems like a ridiculous amount of effort for relatively little improvement. Those messy tissues are still hanging in the same place.  But it does look neater and the supply is a bit low right now. I get so much that a push pin will not hold them and they fall to the floor. Or I go to remove one with a quick jerk; the pin goes flying as do the tissues. But I agree, this may not be something I keep doing.


It looks good for now.