(PGP) Sewing Room Curtain

I had big plans to update the Sewing Room as well as the Stash Room but I totally ran out of steam.  Thought I might take a break of a day or too from doing the Stash Room and start the Sewing Room but that’s not happening either.  Just don’t have the mojo to tear apart and put back together another room. It does not, however, stop me from doing small projects like this one:


I hung this curtain 2 years ago in front of the wall-to-wall closet. This room was a bedroom and I suspect when I die the new owners will make it a bedroom as well.  I took the huge sliding doors down because they were too much trouble. I spent more time rehanging the doors than sliding them. I was fine with the mess the closet tends to accumulate, until I started taking pics to share on SG. Then a curtain was needed.  I had an old white fabric up there for 7-8 years before decided to color-coordinate and “gussy-it-up” a bit.  At that time, I measured and cut this cotton/poly twill.  I didn’t have a rod at the time, so I used push pins to hold it in place temporarily.  A year later I bought the rod.  Almost a year after that I finally get around to hanging the rod.

At which time I find out, I didn’t really hem the curtain. I serged the raw edges and fused hems into place.  Probably meant to check, correct and stitch. Instead it has hung and hung and hung. So now, since I’m doing this right, I wind a bobbin and stitch the hems.  This is a long, tension rod and had different instructions. I had to thread a nut on a washer and add a spring. Easier done than described. To my delight, when I went to put the tension rod into place, it slipped up into the well that the sliding doors occupied.


Yeah slipped right up there. Pretty as you please. No trouble at all.  I’m hoping that it stays because it looks lovely


It did take me 30 minutes with hemming, reading instructions and all but well worth it.