(PGP) Thread Box Labels

Another small ‘post gussy project’:  Many moons winter ago, I started collecting Match Box Cars carrying cases to hold my growing collection of embroidery threads. At the time the boxes were $3-5 at Walmart. They came out only at Christmas time and I’d buy one or two.  The clerks thought I was buying for my son.  He was 15 at the time and more interested in full-sized pickups than match box cars…..  Eventually I collected enough to house my entire collection of threads. In this home they are stored on one shelf (and take up the entire 48″ shelf) of the Stash Room East Wall Shelves. A few years back I started numbering the boxes to make it easier when I put them away. (The creative process gets quite frantic.)  I used small post-it tabs


Most of which have fallen off as you can see above. It was really a quick project to relabel


Looks very nice and it is once again easy to tell which box goes where.

I should mention that my threads are organized by number because that’s the way I retrieve them; and um I’m exclusively using Marathon Polyester.  For which I have a real thread color chart which indexes by number.