End Table Toppers

I need to protect my end tables from water damage .  We each have a table next to our chairs to hold our soft drinks and coffee, etc.  Also,  I don’t  like to dust anything. I prefer to whip off one cover replacing with a clean one,  to pulling out a dust rag and polish and the rest of that procedure. Periodically I make new table toppers.

This year I’m using a lovely gold-colored velvety upholstery fabric that has been in my stash far too long. No fooling, it has developed fade lines.  My fabric is stacked in a room that gets very little light. It’s the darkest room in the house and was specifically chosen to house my stash for that very reason. Yet here we are 10-11 years later and I’m discovering that some of my very elderly stash has been effected by the light.

I decided to embroider just because I love to run my embroidery machine.  I did spend some time at the computer choosing and combining designs.  This time, inspired by the cacophony of birds visiting the East Yard,  I’m using birds.

1wborder_resize 2wbordercolors2_resize

The Love Birds (top) stitched out beautifully. The 2nd topper embroidery had problems during stitching.  I’ll probably move those to files to the ‘don’t use’ subdirectory.  I have a hard time just deleting embroidery files. OTOH there are files that just were not well digitized and don’t stitch out well and can’t be fixed easily.  I don’t want to use them again.   Interesting point about the bottom two birds. Colors are exactly the same. Even though they look different, same set of threads was used throughout both the top and bottom toppers. The branches the two birds are sitting on in the 2nd topper really look different. Exactly same thread, same spool. One branch stitched out then the other. The bottom-left branch is outlined (navy blue), the other is not.


I needed a coaster and continued the bird theme.


No I really need a coaster. Even a wash cloth will do. I’m messy.  I had to stitch this one out twice. The first time the little red berries and green leaves managed to get poked inside my machine.  I corrected the embroidery by deleting the stitches less than .5mm.  Just in case that deleted all the tie-off stitches, I frey checked the back of the whole bird. That’s another file that will go in the “do not use” subdirectory.  Some day, I’ll get bold and delete that subdirectory. Or DS will when I die.