Not exactly post-Gussy-project(s)

I burned up another  iron.  I’ve had several well-meaning individuals encourage me to buy a professional iron.  They insist that although more expensive a professional iron would rid me of this need to replace irons.  Thing is, just because an item is branded ‘professional’ and even ‘commercial’ does not mean it’s going to last longer, or do a better job.  Instead of buying a professional iron, I spent the time searching out the specs for my favorite and comparing with the other irons available.  I hunted the internet avoiding only those sites which specified a business license of some sort was required. OK, I did not check all 356,769 links Google returned; and maybe I should have used other search terms. I discovered to get a truly better iron, something that would hold up to my near-daily, 3-4 hour use, would cost between $1,200-$1,500 and up. For my budget this translates to credit card use which entails some interest.  I made the choice to continue buying irons marketed for the home user.  I know full well and accept that my irons will last at best 12 months.  My last one the Kalorik, lasted 14 months.

So I bought another. When it arrived, I was still in the mode of cleaning. In fact, I’m enjoying these 15-20 minute bursts of intensive cleaning. I took a little longer to cleaning and straighten the entire Ironing Station which includes, iron, stand and bulletin board:

dscn5982_resize dscn6261_resize

Those pictures don’t show the Ironing Station at it’s worst. I’d actually cleaned a little before I thought to take pics.  A good thorough cleaning which included pulling out the stand, cleaning all the shelves and the floor and discarding unused ‘tools’; later:

dscn6451_resize dscn6453_resize

I left only the things I use on the bulletin board and in the basket.

Looking into the basket — which got a liner!


Why did I not line that basket before? 10 years of fuzz was difficult to clean.

From the side:


… and yes that is a repurposed wine rack.  I thought the bottle rack would be great for holding rolls of stabilizer and pressing tools. I prefer to have my stabilizers stored next to the cutting table where I assemble my embroidery hoops for the machine. Turns out there aren’t many ‘rolled’ pressing aides. The basket, er ice bucket has turned out to be excellent for holding many things.  I keep scissors for use and spot cleaning laundry aides. That’s spray starch and water hanging on the side. On the back side, hangs a sweater buzz and more spot remover. We get lots of spots.

I had to move the electric strip to the shelves after those photos. Pity,because I’d like to have most of that space for cleaning out the shelves under the embroidery machine:


Which is a future project, I’m sure.

PS my new iron looks just like my old one. May be the same model too. I liked how it works and loved the price.


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  1. Enjoy your new iron. Your sewing room is relly gussied up. I have gotten tons of organizational ideas from you. Karendee

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