Off-Season Clothing Storage

Another ‘not post-gussy’ project, just happened to get done shortly after I decided to quit gussying the sewing and stash rooms for this year.  Every year my closet gets overburdened just before I completely change from hot to cold or vice versa weather clothing. It’s only a few weeks a year that I know I’ll need both clothing to warm me and the least clothing possible so I can keep cool. I’m relieved, usually, when it’s time to put away the previous season’s attire. I also try to purge a little at this time–and always surprised next year when I need to purge even more.  This year, to my surprise, the number of clothes I’m keeping and was wearing has grown. I did release worn and non-fitting items as well as those that were not worn even once.

But my usual storage is not sufficient. Primarily because it is still occupied by deep winter sweaters and pants. I looked around and realized that my gussying had ‘freed’ a little space in the ironing closet (the closet you see in all my pics). I purchased 2 new Sterite containers. Cleaned the top shelf in the aforementioned closet and after filling, tucked the new containers into the far corner.


I plan to give this closet a good cleaning, probably when I move the winter coats upstairs. For now, I’m tickled and pleased with myself for having taken 20 minutes to do a really good job which will make it easier when I get to the point of earnestly. cleaning the closet.

Wish I had thought to take a preview.  That corner was a mess.