Another Pinterest Test

Can you see my board:

Slash (copy link address)


copy url






.My Pinterest SLASH board click here


Personally, I can only see the last one “my Pinterest SLASH board click here”.  What do you see?


I just cant tell somethings unless I get feed back.   Thanks so very much for your responses.  Hugs.


7 thoughts on “Another Pinterest Test

  1. Using Chrome & Safari on Mac, I can see them all. Well except for the “my Pinterest SLASH board click here”, where I get blacked out as I scroll down since I’m not a pinterest member. Also after the “copy url”, I’m seeing 2 copies of your Pintest board.

  2. I see a page entitled Slash on Pinterest and then lots of tops and outfits that have slashed details.


  3. Sorry Bev, I see nothing at all but words, no pictures. I use Firefox, on a venerable desktop computer, and while if I click on the link I go to Pinterest, there are no images visible on the blog post, for me

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