Pinterest Feedback

Hi Guys!

Want to thank you all for your feedback on my Pinterest Test. Really was hoping it would be a quick and easy way to create links to pics already on line. Unfortunately, I did have reports that linking to Pinterest didn’t always work.

I’m sensitive to the situation because I don’t feel married to the Chrome browser either. The time may come when Chrome, as did IE,  irritates me enough to move along–and that may be soon. I’ve found that Chrome does an incredible amount of tracking and things got pushed to me only after installing Chrome on my brand new Android.  I experienced a significantly slowed tablet.  Not quite as bad as Windows with Chrome but still the difference in response time is noticeably longer after only 2 weeks with a brand new  tablet.  I’ve spent more time unloading stuff that starts with G trying to discover exactly what Android needs to work as opposed to all the cool stuff teens want to do.  No wonder my Windows 10 tablet was a PITA.  It was being overwhelmed by both Windows and Google.

I’ll be back to posting soon.  Minor surgery has had me sidelined but I’m currently working on fitting a pair of Burda pants. Posts coming up!