200 Needles

After a brief pause for  a health issue, I’m back.  Love sharing the next project a finished machine knit sweater

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A brief note to old friends, apparently I’ve added precancerous skin lesions to my list of health issues. They are occurring on my bottom which makes me ask “Are you sure this is skin cancer? I mean that area has never seen the light of day. Isn’t skin cancer caused by too much sun light?” Last year I was hospitalized and  had a large area surgically removed. As an out-patient, the surgeon removed a small area this year.  Two weeks later, more popped up they’re little heads.  We lasered those during my posting hiatus and most recent hospital visit. My surgeon took extra care to detect and remove all including a few that needed an acid soaking and special magnifying glasses to see. I’m hoping that’s it or nothing more drastic is required. I’d be happy to return annually for another lasing.  Although they have to start and IV and put me to sleep, the whole process is quick and the recovery is not bad.  Other than the trip to the hospital, my usual activities haven’t been disrupted.  My pain is slight. I don’t even need pain killers or Tylenol.  Keep me in your prayers and keep on sewing.


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  1. Bev. I’m sorry you hav to deal with this. Wierd spot for lesions. But not impossible. Your in my thoughts and prayers

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