AcuDesign: Purchase and Download

I was really pleased at how quickly the Apple Store took my money and downloaded AcuDesign.  I’m used to the Google Play Store on which I choose an app and it appears a little while later.  It’s not a horrible delay. Just a few minutes.  I do like the Play Store’s interface. Being able to see all my apps and all my devices. (I’m a fan of Android’s).   Really, I was satisfied with the Play Store until I bought from the Apple Store.  I searched for my app. Found it in seconds. Verified it was for IPAD compatible (what works on MAC may not work on IPAD). Clicked ‘Get’. It cranked and said “enter your password”. I grumbled but  thought OK there really should be a check and balance.  Especially with all the stories I’ve heard of parents getting a $5000 bill from toddlers clicking OK. I put in my password. It cranks for a few seconds and says “OPEN”. Wait! It’s ready?  Yep it was.  Cool buying experience.

But let me back up because I almost didn’t buy AcuDesign. I was surprised at the low rating. So much so, that I read all the reviews.  Most of the complaints centered around the ‘free’ designs. Either cartoonish, no recent freebies, limited text etc My comment is,  generally you get what you pay for. Not to be rude, but $50 is hardly nothing for 500 designs. I’ve paid that much for a set of 5-6. I believe the $50 is intended to cover the costs of developing and maintaining the app.  The free designs are just advertising the companies use to get you hooked. Let’s face it, an embroidery machine is a money pit. They have to suck you in. I’m sorry you were disappointed.  Based on the designs installed on my machines, I never expect to use a single free AcuDesign file.

The other complaints related to file transfers. A topic for an entire post. I will say it’s a complex routine involving not just AcuDesign, but all the software and equipment used for file management. I hope to have a few tips for you but I may not be using the same set of software and equipment; and sadly may not be much help. But that’s for a future post.