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I use machine embroidery programs mostly to look at my designs while choosing which to use for the upcoming project and edit my existing designs.   Relieved to know that I can pull designs in and out of AcuDesign,   I’ve turned my attention to the editing portion of AcuDesign. Since there isn’t  a new title at the top of the screen,  I’m calling it the Editor.

I should mention again, that I’m sharing as I’m learning. There may be other options; other and better ways to do the same thing, and even options I haven’t discovered. For example, I’ve learned that I can only find Export in the editing menu.  That may not be true across the board. I may have found one route for exporting files but there may be others. So take my ramblings with a grain of salt. Don’t be surprised if you find something different and easier than what I’m sharing.

I got into Editor by accident. Just touching one of my imported designs, “CEDfunkyborder” on the Manager page poped me into Editor.


My design’s name replaced “AcuDesign” in the title. See? No intuitive way to know what Janome named their modules.  I recognize that these modules have separate functions from each other. To identify them, I’m making up names.  To me, I’m in the Editor. I’ve already explored the Export function to my satisfaction. Now I’m looking at the other icons/functions. I immediately wanted to know more about the Hoops. Clicking on the Hoops icon (inside the grey field on the left side, I’ve circled it in orange);  opens another menu with buttons.


Well there’s a heck of a lot of info visible on the page, so I cropped the page to the buttons I want to explore with you:


When the Bottom Left button is touched a list of manufacturers (I use the term loosely)  for which AcuDesign has been configured expands to:


The default was set to Janome. I have two embroidery Brother Machines (the Dream and PE770) as well as the Husqvarna-Viking Designer Ruby on which I plan to do my most of my stitch outs.  I clicked on the Husqvarna-Viking to make it my default.

Clicking on the button to the right (in the pic it says Designer Diamond) produces a list of individual machines for which AcuDesign has included specific hoops.


A similar list appears for each manufacturer that you select on the left. Click on your machine and then the list of hoops which have been configured replaces the list of machines.


Back on the Machines list, at first I selected Designer Ruby. The hoop display was missing the Royal hoop. The one I use the most. I opened the machines list a second time and selected the Designer Diamond because I know these two machines are nearly identical. There are some differences in memory and built-in stitches. But otherwise they are the same under the hood. OK I take it back, the Diamond has one hoop that cannot be used on the Ruby and there are other differences just none that really matter when selecting hoops.  Viking had to make something different to entice buyers to spend an extra 2K on the Diamond.

Since I use the Royal hoop very often, I wanted to be able to easily select that hoop.  My Ruby will read many file types. So I could have stayed with either the Janome hoops or selected Brother hoops or chosen one of the other manufacturers and machines. Really at this point the difference is in the size hoop displayed on the field.  You could select by hoop size if you could figure out what size the hoop represents.  This may be something I investigate later and even find useful. For now, I’m just really glad to be able to select my hoops and I’ll show you why.

Back at the top of the hoops menu


I’ve circled “Midsize Hoop -Husqvarna). AcuDesign confirms or maybe reminds you that you selected this hoop to work in. Way over to the right which I circled in blue is 90 and a curved red arrow. This is a rotate icon. It rotates the hoop 90 degrees, 1/4 turn, each time it is clicked. Although the hoop is being rotated the effect at the Emb Machine will be that the contents, the design will be rotated. I find that’s useful when my item be be embroidered needs to be hooped in a certain direction; either for ease of hooping or to get the bulk of the fabric out of the work space.  Here I’ve clicked twice ( rotated twice) which places the hoop upside down.


When I clicked once my design was too big to fit. AcuDesign warned me by changing the grey back ground to pink


AcuDesign would not let me keep it this way. When I returned to the Manager, instead of saving it discarded my change. Of course the only change I made was rotating the hoop so maybe more changes need to be made before AcuDesign would accept the hoop orientation with the design being too large.  I wondered if there are options for fixing the too large design. Well, I could select a bigger hoop size. The Royal, for example would have worked.


See the icon I’ve circled in red?  I thought it was the “Fit-To-Hoop” function. Which enlarges or shrinks a design to the size of the hoop. I clicked it,  AcuDesign cranked a few seconds and displayed this screen


and then back to the way it was to start with:

I probably have to explore this some more.

Before I leave the Hoops menu, let me say that pinch and spread gestures work here just like they do everywhere so you can get a good look as if stepping back a few feet by pinching your fingers together on the screen


or in close enough to count the threads of the linen background.



I’m sure I’ll learn more as I use this program.  I plan to update this page with any new functionality I discover because I use my blog as an electronic journal. That allows me to put all the info about a subject in one place. I find that helpful. YMMV.

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  1. Thank you for documenting your learning experience. I’m thinking about getting the 400e and this is going to be so helpful.

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